How The Bevy Bus Began

As newlyweds, David and Stephanie recall planning their wedding and wishing to make their celebration with friends and family a memorable one for all. They went to great lengths to ensure every guest at the reception had a gratifying experience. For their guests in particular, that meant a great selection of drinks. Doing this without a dedicated vendor was quite a challenge at the time and they had to get creative on drink ratios and logistics.

Fast forward a year and half, while on a walk with their newborn son, they came across a 1970 VW Bus for sale and ideas started flying. While it was equipped to operate as a coffee shop at the time, they envisioned a solution to what they experienced while planning their wedding reception. An all-in-one service that combined a functional bar with beautiful design features that would enhance any event.

It wasn’t long until they sold their brother, Kyle, on the idea. A few months and a lot of TLC later, The Bevy Bus took it’s maiden voyage

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The Bevy Bus endeavors to facilitate merrymaking and excitement at any event while being a fully functional bar and a beautiful design feature that is sure to enhance any decor. Get in touch with us now to secure your gig.